Leaflet offset print

by admin

The fact that in today’s business world without advertising their products or services is indispensable, has long been understood by all companies and campaigns. Often, however, a modest advertising budget does not allow for large-scale advertising campaign, but to convey information to the consumer need. What about those who can allocate advertising minimum means? Our advice – use the means of advertising printing, in particular, leaflets and booklets. Leaflet will help you to convey information to a vast number of potential customers, and the cost of its production is minimal.

Do not forget about the bright and spectacular design leaflets, brief and clear presentation of information – and the success of your advertising media will be provided.

Most often printed leaflets in large quantities, using offset or coated paper. The choice of method of printing is carried out depending on the required circulation of leaflets and urgency manufacturing order.

If you need a large circulation flyers – offset printing is the most cost-effective way for making your advertisements. Offset printing in the manufacture of high volume is optimal in terms of efficiency and high quality printing performance. Offset printing technology feature is that this way the most economical printing medium and large circulation printed products, in particular, the leaflets. It is believed that the circulation of more than 500 prints more cost-effective way to print offset printing.

And the more the circulation of leaflets to be ordered, the lower the cost of each copy of the printed product. The reason for this particular offset printing is sufficiently large time and money spent on pre-press edition. Therefore, the more circulation of leaflets to be ordered, the lower the cost of manufacturing. Indeed, in this case, the cost of prepress distributed on the entire print run.

If you provide us with ready layout leaflets – we print from it, after checking the layout for the presence of errors and mistakes. If you have not finished the layout, you can always use the services of our designers. If necessary, we can design a flyer in the corporate style of your company.

Offset printing leaflets, brochures and other promotional printing products – a great way to quickly produce large volumes of high-quality promotional products at low prices.