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The fact that in today’s business world without advertising their products or services is indispensable, has long been understood by all companies and campaigns. Often, however, a modest advertising budget does not allow for large-scale advertising campaign, but to convey information to the consumer need. What about those who can allocate advertising minimum means? Our advice – use the means of advertising printing, in particular, leaflets and booklets. Leaflet will help you to convey information to a vast number of potential customers, and the cost of its production is minimal.

Do not forget about the bright and spectacular design leaflets, brief and clear presentation of information – and the success of your advertising media will be provided.

Most often printed leaflets in large quantities, using offset or coated paper. The choice of method of printing is carried out depending on the required circulation of leaflets and urgency manufacturing order.

If you need a large circulation flyers – offset printing is the most cost-effective way for making your advertisements. Offset printing in the manufacture of high volume is optimal in terms of efficiency and high quality printing performance. Offset printing technology feature is that this way the most economical printing medium and large circulation printed products, in particular, the leaflets. It is believed that the circulation of more than 500 prints more cost-effective way to print offset printing.

And the more the circulation of leaflets to be ordered, the lower the cost of each copy of the printed product. The reason for this particular offset printing is sufficiently large time and money spent on pre-press edition. Therefore, the more circulation of leaflets to be ordered, the lower the cost of manufacturing. Indeed, in this case, the cost of prepress distributed on the entire print run.

If you provide us with ready layout leaflets – we print from it, after checking the layout for the presence of errors and mistakes. If you have not finished the layout, you can always use the services of our designers. If necessary, we can design a flyer in the corporate style of your company.

Offset printing leaflets, brochures and other promotional printing products – a great way to quickly produce large volumes of high-quality promotional products at low prices.

Specificity of advertising leaflets

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Advertising leaflets – rather peculiar form of advertising: for some it causes irritation, while others tend to be browsing leaflets, as repeatedly found them useful information.

Advertising with flyers is the cheapest way to deliver information to consumers. Therefore, many customers these advertisements are concerned about how effective this method of advertising and what determines the success or failure of this method of advertising.

As the experience of the use of flyers, the advertisement can be quite effective for all companies and organizations that offer products or services to the public. Assessing how advertising can be effective, it is necessary to take into account the need of the population in a certain area of ​​the proposed products or services, prices of your products or services, the availability of competing organizations that produce similar products.

Of course, the effectiveness of the advertising campaign using leaflets and booklets, depends largely on the quality and responsible work leafleting.

Another important factor affecting the efficiency of the leaflets is their interesting and exciting design. It is also important to correctly identify with a circulation of leaflets, dispersal, the timing of the campaign.

Consider these factors in more detail.

1. First you need to do in order to start work leaflet – extend it so that potential customers can read the information offered in the leaflet.

In Moscow, there are two main ways to deliver unaddressed flyers and booklets: using regular hawkers and homeworkers.

The system of posting staff members more efficient, although cost customers more. However, it allows for the possibility of permanent control over the quality of the dissemination of leaflets and handling distributors (mobility). Increased control, although it increases the cost of work, but it allows the analysis of the effectiveness of advertising not think about the quality of delivery, and to analyze the impact on the effectiveness of advertising other factors: area, circulation, season, layout, day of the week, weather, etc. Mobile teams peddlers allows you to quickly change the areas of distribution of leaflets, change the number of ads distributed in the day (ie, affect the amount of response calls from the public). Same influence on telecommuting after issuing his job and leaflets nearly impossible. Moreover, progress reports homeworkers pass at the end of the posting is to take their circulation or preliminary, rather imprecise, on the phone.

It is clear that the firm, working with homeworkers, can not meet the full requirements of many customers, ensuring the effectiveness of advertising. Check the quality of the delivery of leaflets homeworker hard inside the firm, not to mention the customer. Although home-based system allows you to declare customers lower prices, cheaper work actually takes place at the expense of the customer, because homeworkers paid less, respectively, and demand from him less, and therefore the effectiveness of advertising, usually below.

In any case, much of the leaflets still reaches its destination, what we are able to make every night to open our mailbox. Most of the flyers we throw away, some do cause me more interest and desire to read the information contained in the leaflet. What influences our choices?

Direct mail and leaflets

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Direct mail – direct mail, one of the most effective ways to advertise. With the help of this method of advertising is possible full and detailed proposals to bring to the customer of your company, bring more convincing arguments and evidence of the benefits of working with you than in a telephone conversation.

Mailing tool can be any medium of advertising printing: leaflets, booklets, brochures, postcards, etc., extending directly to your potential customers.

Missions of direct mail is to attract customers, increase sales, increase in demand for goods and services, etc.

The effectiveness of direct mail is that you take into consideration your target audience, that is, those who proposed the information you might be interested. Direct mail allows you to cut costs as the manufacture of advertisements (flyers, brochures) as well as on the distribution of advertising media.

Advertisers are perfectly aware of the effect of direct mail. People better respond and react to the appeal personally to him treatment. It may be coupons for discounts, leaflets small format, flyers, booklets. Such advertising media for a long time people can be stored and used when they are needed.

Direct mail is a great opportunity to send a wide variety of advertising products. Depending on the objectives pursued by direct mail, it can be as a tool for finding customers: leaflets, flyers, booklets and leaflets, as well as a means of persuading customers: information and brochures, booklets, catalogs, etc.

Leaflets and flyers are very often used in advertising newsletter. This is an inexpensive means of advertising allows you to capture and convey your information to various groups, including remote and geographically.

The question as to which way to distribute leaflets and flyers, each company decides individually. Benefits and advantages as a method of direct mailing and unaddressed mailings and distribution of leaflets and flyers. For example, for non-addressed mailing envelopes are required, each of which need to label, there is no need to pay the postage, etc.

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